How to walk your 3 dogs and enjoy it!  

One very simple tool is all that's needed:  The UTurn Handle (patent pending)
We use it ourselves every day to walk our 3 untrained cairn terriers.  It works!

Walking 3 untrained dogs 
(easy and all having fun)

Walking 4 untrained dogs (doable but more work)


The key to walking three 'master tangler' dogs at once:     
  • Untangle all LEASH* entanglements in seconds, while walking
  • It's this fast untangling of the leashes, while continuing the walk, that really makes walking 3 dogs doable AND much more fun at the same time!
  • And the dogs love it too: Fewer stops* and each dog gets lots of space

As shown above the UTurn handle has 3 grips, 3 leash attachment holes and a large central opening. This triangular design makes it possible to untangle ALL LEASH entanglements* in seconds while walking, with half turns of the handle.  It changes walking 3 dogs from a chore to something much more pleasant, also for the dogs.
Fast untangling and walking at the same time was never possible before. It makes walking 3 non-trained, partially trained or a mix of trained and untrained dogs suddenly very doable

Of course turning the handle is WORK for the handler. You need one half turn for each entanglement.  If your dogs entangle often, you turn the handle often.  But you and the dogs can keep on walking*!

If you cannot walk 3 dogs now or with great difficulty because of the tangles, you will now be able to do it - if they are not too powerful and if you are willing to do the untangling work!  Three is easy but even 4 or 5 dogs is not impossible, but harder and requires more (fast) work.

*Note: LEASH entanglements are the tangles between the 3 dogs/3 leashes themselves, not with anything else.  These comprise 80% or more of all possible entanglements. All of these LEASH tangles can be untangled while walking by turning the handle, no matter how many times a leash is entangled with another one.
     However no system can untangle the other 20%, which are handler entanglements (the handler gets blocked or encircled by a leash) and external-object entanglements (with a tree, other person, other object, etc.).  To resolve those, it's best to stop for a few seconds. To get out of those, see Use Product and FAQ chapter.

We found that being able to untangle all LEASH entanglements while walking makes walking any team of 3 dogs very doable!  For us it was impossible to walk our three dogs with one person without the handle. The dogs would get the leashes entangled too often and encircle us way too fast. With the handle and its untangling capability it suddenly became easy and even fun. We walk with full confidence despite the still occurring handler entanglements. And the more we used it, the better we (and the dogs) became at escaping or avoiding more of these handler entrapments.

How does the handle work?
Please view some of the following short YouTube videos:

Every half turn of the handle removes one leash entanglement in one second!
#1 Untangling (1:07)
    #2 Walking  (1:31)    
#3 Untangling (1:18)

#4 Walking 4 (1:47)       #5 Summary -Whiteboard Animation (3:17)

We apologize for the quality of the videos. These are our amateur videos. There is some duplication.  They also don't show how easy it is to untangle while walking 3 but you can get a good idea of how the untangling works. Walking with 3 is easy. Walking with 4 is doable but a lot more work. Running with 4 was for fun and is not recommended (tripping danger:-).

How can the handle help?  
  • Walk 3 dogs (or 2 or even 4) by yourself, with confidence
  • 100% untangling of leash tangles* - by the handler, using the handle itself
  • 100% untangling of leash tangles* - while walking, within seconds
  • fear of entanglements gone
  • greatly reduced walking stress, makes walking fun again
  • ample roaming space for each dog
  • easy to reduce roaming space by choking all leashes at once when needed
  • easy to direct each dog individually when needed
  • use with your own leashes
  • super strong, light-weight, weather-resistant, non-toxic material
  • no dropping of leashes; holding only one item makes it safer
  • after untangling your hand can slide to the best grip depending on the new order of the dogs
  • free both hands when needed (put the handle on an arm)
  • designed for walking 3 dogs; usable with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 dogs
  • works very well with 3 untrained dogs (not possible before)
  • dogs love it too, no more frustrating untangling stops every few minutes
  • walk any time any day; no more waiting for a second walker
  • walk any team of 2, 3 or 4 pets or other small animals used to leashes
  • ideal for controlled walking on the beach (open space, easy on the paws, no traffic, no squirrels:-) )

Other advantages?

  • Much easier and safer than using 3 separate leashes
  • Much better than using a 3-way coupler (tripler) leash
  • Better than using one 2-way coupler leash plus one separate leash
  • You can leash your 3 dogs up/off in your house so no dog ever escapes
  • The dogs don't jerk each other around (as happens with couplers); the user holds the handle and can therefore easily protect a weaker dog
  • The dogs are not forced to walk side-by-side as with short couplers
  • The user steadies the handle when a dog needs to do its business
  • Also very usable for walking 2 dogs (holding only one item, handle can be put on an arm, much easier and faster to untangle than 2 separate leashes, no dropping of leashes, using third hole for waste baggies)

How can I order?

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Is the handle suitable for me and my dogs?

  • The UTurn handle is a new and very strong product for dog owners and dog walkers who want to walk 2, 3 or 4 dogs with one person.  We do not sell leashes as you can use your own leashes.
  • The handle can make a unique present for a family member or other relative, or a friend or neighbor who has 3 or more dogs, or who is a dog walker.
  • Recommended for walking small to medium size dogs. It can also be used with larger well-behaved dogs provided they are leash-trained and can be controlled despite their pulling power.  Please also view the Safety chapter.
  • The handle is especially useful for dog owners or walkers who have one or more untrained or partially trained dogs (which means too many tangles!)
  • The ideal user is a dog owner who has 3 or 4 smaller dogs (used to each other but not trained enough) and who wants to walk them more easily
  • The U-Turn handle is not an ordinary leash handle. It's a 3-grip controller/detangler/untangler and also very strong. Testing has shown the material is over 5 times stronger than the best hardwood and will not break.

    Is the handle not recommended in certain cases?
    Yes.  It's not a good idea for a team of 3 that is too strong for one handler. On the opposite end, it may not work for tiny dogs that do not like to walk in front or are too weak to pull
    . The detangling goes easier with some tension on one or more of the leashes although that is not absolutely necessary. The handle is not needed for well-trained dogs that do not entangle (much).

Attaching various leashes


  Happy Testers


                                          Testers in Action

Testing:  See under FAQ (14) for information on how to TEST your own home-made handle and try the untangling with 3 leashes yourself!

November 26, 2014: Please read the reviews on Amazon and others in the Feedback section.  Thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to write a review!
Walk your 3 dogs whenever you are ready.  No more waiting for a second walker.